Kendo meaning "the way" (DO) of the "sword" (KEN)

Kendo today is a fascinating competitive sport. The idea of Kendo is to mold the mind, and strengthen the body through practice of the Katana. Kendo promotes moral character, a vigorous spirit, courtesy, sincerity, honor, patience, hard work, manners, a high regard for life, and to protect the weak, and those in need.

Equipment needed for Kendo training:

Shinai (bamboo sword)
Bokken (hardwood sword) - after first month
Some Armour is supplied in various sizes
Hakama (bottom uniform) - optional
Keikogi (top uniform) - optional
Tenugui (head towel) - optional

New students need only gym clothing to start. A shinai will be loaned to new students for the first class.

Please see or call instructor for equipment prices.

Shogun Martial Arts is a member of the Rocky Mountain Kendo/Iaido Federation.