"The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants."

Master Gichin Funakakoshi




Dress Code
New Students

If you are new to the dojo, you are not required to purchase a gi during the first month.  Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.  No jeans or restrictive clothing should be worn.  No jewelry should be worn while in class.  

Established Students

After your first month, if you plan on continuing with your training, we request that you purchase a gi.  If you wish to purchase the gi through the dojo, please contact Sensei Tom Ryan for details.  The gi should be solid white with only the dojo patch sewn on the left side of the chest.  The gi will need to be hemmed so that it hits just above the wrist and ankle.  The gi cannot be rolled up as this increases risk of injury during training.  If you choose to wear a shirt under the gi top, it must be solid white with no collar.  No jewelry should be worn while in class.


Once a student reaches the rank of 20 kyu, they will need to purchase equipment for use in kumite (sparring) training.  Students will not be able to advance to 19 kyu until they begin learning the basics of kumite. This equipment can be purchased through the dojo.  Please see Sensei Tom Ryan for details.  Below is a list of the equipment needed:


  • Helmet - white
  • Mouthguard (can be purchased at local sporting goods store)
  • Hand Pads - blue, red or white
  • Leg/Foot Pads (optional) - blue, red or white