Sensei Tom Ryan, Chief Instructor

Tom Ryan holds "dan" (black belt) ranking in both karate and kendo and holds a PUKO (Pan American Union of Karate Organizations) referee license as well as a "national referee" USA National Karatedo license.

Sensei Dan Ryan, Assistant Chief Instructor

Dan Ryan holds "dan" ranking in both karate and kendo as well, and holds a "national referee" USANKF license.

Sensei David Watkins

In December 1983, at the age of fourteen, David Watkins was randomly attacked by a gang of high school hooligans on his way home from school.  As a result of this attack, David suffered a broken nose and a black eye. January 1984, after the encouragement of a couple high school friends, David enrolled at The Shogun Martial Arts Dojo.  He vowed never to be a helpless victim again.

Mr. David Watkins is a native of Colorado, holds a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, and has trained with Senseis Tom and Dan Ryan for over thirty years.  He also currently trains with Sensei Isao Gary Tsutsui. In addition, David has over three years experience in aikido.

David's outside interests include art. He holds multiple art degrees, including illustration and graphic design, and is currently in the process of starting a fine art business.

Sensei Skip Van Valkenburg

Growing up in Boulder, Skip graduated from both Boulder High School and the University of Colorado Boulder (where he earned a BS in Accounting and an MBA).  He also served in the United States Navy with the rank of Lieutenant.  Skip began his training in Shotokan Karate in California in 1977.  His first dojo was affiliated with Kanazawa Suke under Wada Sensei.  He spent a year training in Atlanta before moving to Denver where he began training with Shogun Martial Arts under Ryan Sensei in 1990.  He earned his second degree blackbelt in October 2003. 

Sensei Ron Blackmon

Ron Blackmon is a 1st degree Black Belt who started his Shotokan karate training at the University of Illinois - Chicago Circle in Chicago, Illinois under Sensei Shojiro Sugiyama in the fall of 1967. Ron became an assistant instructor at Sugiyama Sensei's satellite dojo at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois from 1969 -1971 when he graduated from the University of Illinois and became employed at a national insurance company. Ron transferred to Colorado in 1976 but did not resume formal karate training until 1987 when he joined Shogun Martial Arts and continued his training and teaching under Senseis Tom and Dan Ryan. Ron's specialty over the years has been in kumite or practice fighting and has participated in numerous karate tournaments.

Coach Cori Campbell

Cori comes from a background in muay thai and mixed martial arts. Her love of shotokan karate came when her daughters began training at Shogun Martials Arts in September 2011. After her oldest daughter joined the competition team in February 2012, Cori began helping to prepare her for tournaments. After several successful tournaments, Cori became the assistant coach and began working with other students to prepare them for competition as well. When the previous competition coach moved out of state, she took over as the primary coach in June of 2013. She now trains at Shogun Martial Arts along with both of her daughters.

Sempai Katie Campbell

Katie has been training karate with Shogun since September of 2011.  Advancing to the rank of Jr. Shodan, she has emerged as a true leader among the other students.  She has been a member of the tournament competition team since February 2012 and has brought home many trophies and medals for the dojo.  She now assists in training new students and helping her competition teammates prepare for tournaments.  In February 2014 she began training Kendo, in addition to karate, and is now an active student of both.

Sempai Sam Kellerhals

Sam began his Kendo training in 1996 at Shogun Martial Arts. He practices both ito style (one sword) and nito style (two swords) Kendo. He began testing in 2006 and achieved first-degree black belt in 2013. He also holds a first-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate which he received in 1993 at Shogun Martial Arts.

Sam has lived in the Denver area since 1987. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a Masters in Business Administration in 1981. He is an avid snowboarder and mountain biker, and spends as much time in the mountains as he can manage.