Dojo Kun
Everyone that trains in the art of karate-do or kendo must learn and abide by the rules of the dojo. At Shogun Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on living by the rules both in and out of the dojo. The Dojo Kun are rules of the dojo and for everyday life. You will notice that each line of the Dojo Kun begins with Hitotsu in the Japanese language which translates to "first". This indicates that each rule is of equal importance to the others. Although they are recited in a specific order, they all play as big a role in our lives as each of the others. In the English translation, that is recited in class, we do not include "first" before each line but it does not mean that any of them are any less important than the others.

Hitotsu, Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto - Seek Perfection of Character

It is important that our students continually strive to improve themselves and never stop learning.

Hitotsu, Makato no michi o mamoru koto - Be Faithful

Students should be faithful to not only the dojo and their sensei, but also to themselves. We must trust in each other and ourselves that we will be true and honest in our training and our lives.

Hitotsu, Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto - Endeavor

Students should always put forth 100% effort in what they do. You cannot improve yourself if you are not working at your full potential.

Hitotsu, Reigi o omonsuru koto - Respect Others

Respect has been a major part of Japanese culture for thousands of years. At Shogun we strive to teach the traditional ways. You must show respect for everyone you encounter in your life. You should learn and grow from having known them.

Hitotsu, Kekki no yu o imashimuru koto - Refrain From Violent Behavior

Students must learn to control themselves at all times. Every effort should be made to avoid a physical confrontation. Defending yourself may become necessary, if there is no other solution, but remaining in control of your emotions can keep a situation from getting out of hand.