About Shogun Martial Arts

Shogun Martial Arts, LLC was founded in January 1982, and is dedicated to teaching the traditional Japanese martial arts of Shotokan Karate-do and Kendo. The senior instructors are Tom Ryan and Dan Ryan.

Tom Ryan and Dan Ryan have been teaching Karate in the Littleton, Englewood area for over 44 years. They have had clubs at Arapahoe Community College, Euclid Jr. High, Powell Jr. High, St. Mary's Elementary, and at various health clubs and dance studios in the area. The original Shogun Martial Arts dojo was on south Broadway. In 1988, all of the clubs were united at the South Suburban Goodson Recreation Center on south University Blvd.  Children and adult classes have been held there twice a week since that time. Over the years, many of the students have participated in the AAU National Karatedo Championships and the USA National Karatedo Federation Championships held in different locations throughout the United States. Shogun Martial Arts is proud of the many national champions in both kata and kumite as well as teams competition amongst its students. 

Shogun Martial Arts is one of the original clubs forming the Advanced Shotokan International system and is a member of the multi-style USA National Karate-do Federation, recognized as the Olympic National Governing Body (NGB) for "Sport Karate" in America.  Shogun Martial Arts is also a member of All United States Kendo Federation, Southwest Kendo and Iaido Federation.